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Ensilage balers are basic machines with the technology for ensiling the fodder in film sleeves. Their functionality makes them usable on farms around the world.

Ensilage baler SIPMA PL 7000 SILO is designed for high-compression filling of plastic sleeves with a length of 75 m and a diameter of 2.7 meters (9ft) with material intended for production of silage. Also maize green forage, wet grain, grass (pasture forage), lucerne and clover, beet pulp and brewer’s grains can be used to fill the sleeves.Through complete and homogeneous filling of the film sleeve, the user is able to obtain high-quality forage while minimizing losses. The perfect compression of plant material in the sleeve allows you to obtain a lasting silage.

The mobility of the baler provides high flexibility of storage of the ensilaged material.

A wide belt feeder ensures easy loading of the material from the transporting equipment and great freedom in relation to the type of ensilaged forage.

The rotor with hydraulic braking system provides very good compression of the ensilaged bulk, which provides the anaerobic conditions and the correct course of the fermentation process.

Interchangeable overlays of rotor teeth allow you to extend the service life of the machine.

Film sleeves make the area of the opening for taking forage much smaller than the area in case of taking silage from silos. Thereby, the silage doesn’t rot when the sleeve is opened and the forage is taken from it.

The applicator of ensilaging substances gives you the ability to add and to mix well the preservatives while packing the sleeve.

Ensilage baler SIPMA PL 7000 SILO

The ensilaging technology with an ensilaging press reduces the unit costs, compared to silage in silos, eliminating the need to compress the material and investment risk associated with building a silo.

The electro-hydraulic block that operates all working elements of the machine provides consistent and optimum functions of the machine.

The on-board computer is responsible for control and monitoring of the course of filling the sleeve with ensilaged material.

Functions of the on-board computer:

  • control of the working elements of the machine,
  • performing the automatic operation cycle of the machine,
  • control of evenness of the sleeve filling by ensuring a constant speed of the conveyor feeding the material,
  • visualization of the currently executed operation.



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